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but it's complicated enough。
March 15th, 2011 
12:25 am - True Colors
I feel like GokuHaru again! 
To satisfy my craving for my newly favorite OTP I've whipped up this 2 part story. I hope to have the next part done by tomorrow...or tonight? It's past midnight in my zone. lol. Anyway, do enjoy and leave your reactions as desired. Your comments are appreciated. Let's pump up GokuHaru all!!! :D 

Title: True Colors 
By: lunadeartemis 
Paring: GokuHaru 
Rating: PG (Swearing) 
Summary: Miura Haru doesn't want to feel like she's a piece of furniture to him any longer. 

Does she love him, or does she hate him? Collapse )
Rukia II
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