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in which the text in the cut have nothing to do with anything

'Ello everyone! I come bearing a doodle comic. :3

In my head-canon, this is how it starts. Then they become BFFs for life before eventually getting it on after Haru finally realizes that Gokudera can be straight too. Also, wtf this is old - it's been on DA for ages. Apparently I intended to post it here right away and then just... never got around to it. >_> Failll

Warnings: angst/hurt/comfort and. Implied-but-one-sided GokuTsunaHaru? Takes place in the event that Tsuna finally manages to nail Kyoko. Also, I apologize in advance for my terrible, terrible handwriting.  ENJOY 8D
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Nice comic. ^^
GokuHaru comfort always makes me love them even more~ ♥
Gah! That last panel totally made me squeal! In a good way, of course. Nicely done! :D