where a dazzling tailwind blows (indigosquare) wrote in gokuharu,
where a dazzling tailwind blows

Strange, but wonderful.

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Disclaimer: Amano's.
Pairing/Characters: Gokudera, Haru (guest appearances by Tsuna and Yamamoto)
Summary: They've been asphyxiated for so long that breathing again, suddenly but inevitably, has become a strange sensation.

I'm not really sure what it is about this pairing that I like, but I think mostly it's because these two just fit no matter how you think about it.

This was written for set Gamma (w00t I saw the name and just couldn't resist) at 1sentence. I've only just realised how incredibly hard it is to come up with 50 coherent and fluent sentences that actually read well (although I'm pretty sure I broke like 138217 sentence rules, and #50 is outright 2 sentences).

Note: Sentences are in set order; some may be linked, but most of them aren't.

She never knows if today will be the last, and it scares her more than anything ever will. )
Tags: fanfic
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