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GokuHaru drabbles~

I thought if anyone would appreciate these, it'd be you guys. ♥

I posted a link to these recently over at hitman_reborn, but hopefully no one minds the (kind of) double post! Basically, I'm on a mission to write a GokuHaru drabble every day this month, following a list of prompts at another community. They continue on in the same universe as another GokuHaru fic I wrote called La Petite Mort. I emphasise continue because, at this point, there are actually spoilers to the whole of it!

Anyway~ I'll leave a link to a handy calendar I coded, which makes it easier both to go through and to keep track of each of the drabbles. (Just use the one for this month; the other calendars are jumbly messes of fandoms. XD)

Hopefully you enjoy!
Link: http://coffeeandonuts.livejournal.com/22312.html
Tags: fanfic
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