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GokuHaru drabbles~

I thought if anyone would appreciate these, it'd be you guys. ♥

I posted a link to these recently over at hitman_reborn, but hopefully no one minds the (kind of) double post! Basically, I'm on a mission to write a GokuHaru drabble every day this month, following a list of prompts at another community. They continue on in the same universe as another GokuHaru fic I wrote called La Petite Mort. I emphasise continue because, at this point, there are actually spoilers to the whole of it!

Anyway~ I'll leave a link to a handy calendar I coded, which makes it easier both to go through and to keep track of each of the drabbles. (Just use the one for this month; the other calendars are jumbly messes of fandoms. XD)

Hopefully you enjoy!
Link: http://coffeeandonuts.livejournal.com/22312.html
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oh, wow.
*looks the username*
I'm so glad to hear it from you, dear~
Ratata~ ratata~ You make my day~
I'm really glad the first comment was from you! I was really hoping to catch the attention of someone who read La Petite Mort, but it's even better that it was someone who loved that fic as much as I do. I hope I do well with the continuation, and I'm looking forward to (more of) your feedback. ♥
i've read 11 of your drabbles almost speechless. blame my disastrous laziness =__= and my bad English. I'd be really glad to comment all I wanted if not this language barrier =(
And are you really going to update every day till the very end of October?
Even just small comments mean a lot. I promise. And I might not be able to update every day, but there will definitely be 31 new drabbles at the end of the month. All of them GokuHaru. :)

Thank you for posting this!
I happened to look at 31_days a couple of days ago and saw an entry that felt so familiar... As in, wait, is this a continuation of something I read and loved just days ago? I should look at the old entries in gokuharu or look for more in 31_days. And just as I realized, no, it's been years since the 31_days memories page has been updated and begin to frenziedly search 31_days for more gokuharu... You posted this!

I'm not promising less spastic comments on the rest of your wonderful fics, but thanks for sharing! This is awesome and I think I will subsist on this for the rest of this October.


Spastic comments are perfectly okay. XD (They are pretty much par for the course for me, too.) I'm really glad that I could make your day with this, though! I was so worried no one would be reading them when I first began to post them... ._.;